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EUCAPIL | 1 box

EUCAPIL | 1 box
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Manufacturer: Interpharma Praha / Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company
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1 box of EUCAPIL® (30 ampules each containing 2 ml) = 1 month supply

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Eucapil® (Fluridil) :: Cosmetic hair care agent for topical use in androgenetic alopecia (hair loss)

EUCAPIL® is a new cosmetic product for topical use developed by Biophysica, Inc. of San Diego, California.

When applied to the scalp, EUCAPIL® assists in counteracting the degenerative changes in hair follicles, which ultimately cause hair loss and thinning of the hair stem.
EUCAPIL® has been shown to induce a substantial reduction or cessation of hair loss.
Upon longer use, an increase in average hair diameter giving the impression of greater scalp hair fullness may be seen.

How to apply

For maximum effectiveness:
- Apply directly to the affected area of the scalp.
- Do not apply to damp scalp.
- Avoid contact with water after application of EUCAPIL®. Thus, wash hair as late as possible after application to give EUCAPIL® a maximum chance to work.



- Carefully snap off the top of the prescored ampule by applying a minimal amount of force.
- Place applicator tip on the open ampule. Apply in front of a mirror.
- With the head tilted back to facilitate its distribution and to prevent exposure to the eyes, apply EUCAPIL® directly to scalp (not to hair). With ampule in an inverted position, apply in a circular motion while repeatedly squeezing the applicator. Gently massage into scalp.


How and when to use EUCAPIL®

The recommended use is one ampule (2 ml) per day, applied on the scalp at bedtime.


One ampule (2 ml) contains isopropyl alcohol, Vitis vinifera (grape seed oil) and fluridil (CAS 260980-89-0).

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EUCAPIL | 1 box
EUCAPIL | 1 box
EUCAPIL | 1 box
EUCAPIL | 1 box
EUCAPIL | 1 box

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